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Kemma Filby holds as Masters Degree in Screenwriting from Azusa Pacific University. She currently serves as the showrunner and head writer on Seasick Studio's first television series, Parallel. Alongside her writing partner, Walker Barnes, Kemma is currently packaging two feature films with her team at CAA. Henry Winkler is set to executive produce her debut feature, Mr. USA


Eligible - A ensemble comedy feature film set on a satirical version of The Bachelor


Band Weenies - A half hour mockumentary comedy series (details confidential).


Homestead - A half hour comedy series (details confidential).


Parallel - A half hour ensemble comedy series based on time travel. This series is produced by Seasick Studios. Distribution details have not yet been announced. 

Mr. USA - A buddy comedy feature film about an international male beauty pageant. Mr. USA is executive produced by Henry Winkler and is currently being packaged at CAA. The Mr. USA screenplay has accumulated 5 festival laurels. 

Paradise Ranch - A sci-fi comedy about an unlikely family raising an unexpected alien baby. This is a feature film targeted towards teens and young adults.

Hail, Lucy! - A fresh take on Julius Caesar set on a high school girls' basketball team. This feature is a dark comedy with a Shakespearean twist. 

Sunday Funday - An indie feature though and through. Sunday Funday explores one ex-evangelical millennial's journey to rejoin the church and tackle its modern inadequacies.


The MisAdventures of Psyche & Me - a comedy web-series starring Youtube sensation GloZell, Amber Midthunder (Prey, Legion, Roswell) and Madison Hu (Bizaardvark, Voyagers). Psyche & Me underwent a successful sale to Sprinity Productions in 2018. 

Keegan The Alien - a dramatic family trauma short film based in science fiction, touching on themes of autism, grief, alienation, and suicide. Keegan was produced by Azusa Pacific University. 

Sasquatch - an indie sketch comedy series co-written and co-produced by Katy Killion. 

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