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Kemma Filby produces both her own work and partners with studios to produce theirs. She is currently serving as executive producer on Seasick Studios' TV series Parallel, feature film Mr. USA, and upcoming unannounced feature film co-production. On the production side, Kemma Filby has served in a variety of capacities at studios like FilmNation Entertainment, Amazon Studios, and Paramount Pictures.

Bob Trevino Likes It

Family Drama Feature Film

Written & Directed by Tracie Laymon

Produced by Sean Mullins and Tracie Laymon

Executive Produced by Kemma Filby and Walker Barnes

A people-pleasing young woman who, while searching for her estranged father online, unexpectedly forms a close bond with a grieving, childless man with the same name on Facebook. 



Half Hour Television Series

Directed by Kemma Filby

Developed by Kemma Filby & Walker Barnes

Produced by Kemma Filby, Walker Barnes, Madelyn Claire, Liana Montemayor, Sabrina Robinson, Ryan Perry, and Valentina Murra

A young ensemble banter comedy about the ins and outs of time travel. The Good Place meets Rick & Morty meets The Sex Lives of College Girls.

Above The Line

Dark Comedy Feature Film

Directed by Jeffrey Scott Collins

Written by Jeffrey Scott Collins & Jono Matt

Produced by Ian Michaels, Kemma Filby, Walker Barnes, Jeffrey Scott Collins

A heist movie in the world of "Swingers" with the sensibility of "Fargo" -- so, Hollywood idiots getting in way over their heads. On X-mas eve, six fledgling Hollywood hopefuls get a mysterious knock at their door and an envelope of $$$ at their feet. It contains the "opportunity of a lifetime" to go burglarize a mutually despised producer that once screwed them over. Who organized this holiday heist? Who will go through with this preposterous plan? Will these desperate idiots pull it off?

Screen Shot 2023-12-05 at 9.38.37 PM.png


Feature Film

Written by Walker Barnes & Kemma Filby

Executive Produced by Henry Winkler, Kemma Filby, Walker Barnes, and Madelyn Claire Lego

A buddy comedy with an international twist. Set in the high stakes world of male beauty pageants.

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